I fell in love with Doctor Who in December.  Yes, I know: I’m relatively late to the party.  My friend Cara kept prodding me to watch it, and randomly one night I decided to see if they had it on Netflix.  The rest is history.

Cara’s birthday is January 23, so while I was home for break I was thinking about what to get/make her for this momentous occasion.  I was on a random website relating to Doctor Who when on the sidebar there was a link for Doctor Who knitting and crocheting patterns.  “WHAT?!” I thought. “THOSE EXIST?!"  The answer was yes, and there were a lot of them.  Eventually I came across a pattern for a crocheted Doctor, a version of David Tennant’s tenth reincarnation.  I knew I had to make it for her.

The result is above.  I’m so happy with how it turned out.  It took so much work, but it was very worth it.  I loved seeing it come together bit by bit.  It was so much fun, and was the first stuffed knitting/crochet project I had ever done – and it opened up an entire new world of pattern choices when I realized I loved doing it!

The pattern is here if any of you are Doctor Who lovers and want to try making one yourself.


Here’s another hat that I finished recently.  I bought this wool from one of the yarn shops I frequent down here in DC, Knit and Stitch = Bliss in Bethesda, Maryland.  It was a semi-splurge buy.  The yarn itself wasn’t too expensive, but I bought it when I specifically told myself not to buy anything.  Oh, well!

It’s made of Berroco Ultra Alpaca (one of my favorite yarns) from a pattern that I found for free at my yarn store back home, Viveca by Berroco.

I made this hat last night.  It was about 2am and I really didn’t want to do my history reading (typical), so I began looking up patterns on Ravelry and came across this one (links to Ravelry, but it is available on the Rowan yarns site), and it only took me a little over an hour!  It called for fair isle with two yarns, but I only had the one I wanted to use, so I just continued stockinette stitch where the fairisle would be.

I used Austermann Torino.  I bought a couple skeins of it a few years ago when it was in the sale bin at my local yarn shop.  It’s such an interesting and eclectic wool, but everything I’ve tried to knit up with it has never looked right.  I finally decided to just go with it for a hat, and I really enjoy how it turned out!

I edged the entire thing with a single crochet and when I go home for Thanksgiving, I’m going to buy some fleece to line it.  It’s just a little too thin to be a good warm winter hat with just the yarn itself.