Happy Halloween, everyone!


This baby is currently blocking in my delightfully chaotic attic.  I finished it yesterday afternoon (middle photo – because how can you resist a #newknitselfie even before your ends are woven in or it’s blocked?) and started blocking it this afternoon.  I normally block my knits with my boards on my bed, but that was currently layered with piles of laundry I folded this morning but have yet to put away, so the attic it was!  I’m blocking it lightly because it was already pretty big, but I think now the size will be perfect.

(All these photos do is remind me that I should probably go through those boxes of old clothes.  Eeep!)

Update on the Knit-a-long!

I’ve gotten a really good response so far, even after only posting the details yesterday!  After reading the messages you guys have sent me and the comments people have added when reblogging the post, I’ve decided to make a few amendments/additions to what I originally posted.

  1. At least two people wrote something about KALs typically doing pretty girly patterns, and looking back at the ones I linked to, I noticed that this is pretty much the case.  I’m sorry, guys – I didn’t even realize I was choosing more typically feminine or female-directed patterns, because those are the ones I generally gravitate toward.  There are a couple that can be made more masculine if the colors were changed, but I’m going to go back and look again and see if I can find some more that would appeal to more people.
    Wojojojo suggested a few non-gender specific patterns, and of those I really like the Shifting Sands Scarf, the Ombre Hat (includes a lot of colorwork, which could be difficult for beginner knitters), and the Larus & Ardea Mitts.
  2. The December 31 deadline – some people thought this was a great idea because it would inspire them to knit for holiday gifts, and others thought that was a terrible idea because they already have so many WIPs for the holidays.  Soooo, I’m thinking of extending the deadline until January 31, and this is for mainly one reason:

    I like to think that the purpose of a knit-a-long is to make something for yourself – not someone else. Others may hardcore disagree with me on this, so, really, feel free to knit whatever you want and for whomever you want.  But I’m extending the deadline so that people can knit that special something for THEMSELVES after knitting all their holiday gifts.

There were a couple people who were up to the idea, but weren’t completely sure about what a knit-a-long exactly was.  In a nutshell, it’s a set period of time when a group of knitters creates something and then they each share their end product with each other.  Sometimes everyone knits the same pattern, sometimes there are a few to choose from, and sometimes you can choose your own pattern to finish.  It’s just an event to get people knitting, and to get inspiration and motivation from the others in the group.

I’ll be contacting those who have sent me a message or reblogged the post saying they’re interested within the next few days.  Expect pattern choice and an official time frame.  I’ll be creating a sub-blog where everyone can post what they’re working on.  I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you are, too!

Feel free to reblog the original post if you want to give it a signal boost.  It’ll be more fun with more people.

Attention all fellow knitters!

The idea of a knit-a-long is hardly new, but I realized recently how few of them I’ve actually done!  And by “how few,” I mean a grand total of one, during which I completed THIS shawl, something I’ve worn only once in my life.  So I’m writing this post to ask any of my followers who knit (or any knitters who come across this post) if they’d like to do one with me!

Here are a few guidelines I was considering:

  1. It has to be a free pattern.  I’d want as many interested people to be involved as possible, and using a purchased pattern would be unfair to those who don’t have the means to buy it, or simply don’t want to!
  2. Different people knit at different speeds, whether it’s because they’re newer to the craft and can’t speed through a project, or because they don’t have the time to knit every single day.  I wouldn’t want to limit the time to just a month, so I was thinking we could do it from now until December 31, giving us roughly two months. Or if people preferred, we could leave it open-ended, with knitters beginning and completing their knits at their own pace!
  3. My favorite things to knit may not necessarily be someone else’s favorite things to knit.  I’m thinking we could have a few options, maybe a hat, a shawl/scarf/cowl, a pair of gloves/mitts, and a pair of socks – and you choose which one you’d like to do.

Here are some ideas for patterns, five in each category, with varying difficulty levels:

(Those in italics are available ONLY on Ravelry – membership is free, but you have to wait for an invitation after you request one, which normally takes a few days.)

Would you be up for something like this?  Please let me know by sending me a message here!  In the message, also tell me what you think about the dates, what type of item you’d want to knit, and which patterns you like of the ones I’ve listed, or if there are any other patterns you’ve been eyeing and would want to do instead!

After I [hopefully] get some responses, I’ll write another post with the details, and link to it in this post, as well.

Please reblog this so as many knitters as possible can see it and participate.

In an effort to expand my sewing skills (and more so because I got access to The Sewing Table), I decided to break out a pack of patterns I bought a while ago and begin sewing myself a stuffed elephant.  Sweet, right?  The gentle giant.


Maybe because it’s not often that I depend on actual cut-out patterns for sewing projects, or because I’ve more often than not stuck with smaller projects with simpler, written instructions (I’m more of a step-by-step, “here’s how you do it” photo tutorial kind of girl), but after cutting out the pattern and the pieces I needed, I hit a major roadblock: I could NOT understand what they were trying to tell me to do.  The images depicting the steps didn’t match the pieces I had cut, and the edges they were saying to pin together didn’t match up because one was curved and one was straight.  I was so confused, and I had to be somewhere soon, so I packed it all away to tackle again tomorrow.

I’m determined to become a better sewer and I want to finish so many sewing projects that I’ve already got my eye on, and I guess that learning how to understand patterns is a huge part of that!  Who would’ve guessed, huh?

Some more recent and semi-recent projects.

Top: The shawl I made my mother for her birthday last month
Middle: Orange Pom-Pom Hat and a shawl that looks much better in person and which still has a million ends I need to weave in
Bottom: Etsy Sales – The Banter Cowl I made for my friend Melissa; Pea Green and Grey Color Block cowl I sold to the same friend; and the red cowl I made and hated at first and grew to love but which I put up for sale anyway.  (And it sold!)