In a knitter’s tragedy of grand proportions, Shibui has discontinued their sock yarn. One of my local yarn shops was having a closeout on their remaining stock for 25% off, so I went and grabbed the wasabi (green), dragonfly (blue), and honey (brown) colorways in the photo. I had already purchased the mulberry pink one a while ago. It is SO cushy and soft, and the colors are GORGEOUS; the photo above hardly does them justice at all, and it seems that no amount of editing can get all colors correct in the same photo. The green is so much richer in person, and the honey is much less reddish than is coming across here. I unwound them all last night and started on a shawl.

If your LYS carries it, I highly recommend that you snatch up a couple hanks before they’re gone.

Okay, so I need the opinion of other tumblr knitters.

All of these patterns come in one eBook available on Ravelry.  (You can find that here.)  I’m getting the one with the arrows no matter what.  I came across it when I was looking for some good, interesting, and unique stranded knitting projects, and I completely fell in love with it.  That pattern alone is $4.00, but the entire eBook is $9.99, so: do I purchase all six patterns even though I may never knit any of them other than the one with the arrows?  I’m leaning toward yes, but I need your thoughts.  What would you do?

I didn’t really plan on doing anything for Ravellenics, but after seeing other knitters posting about their projects and seeing the options for the tags on Ravelry, I thought, Hey, why not?  I had a project I wanted to do and had just bought the yarn for it, so I cast on on Saturday night and have been knitting it ever since.

I’m making one of Stephen West’s Earth & Sky shawls.  I bought the pattern a while ago and started making it with some DK weight yarn I had on hand, but I ended up hating it!  Plus, I hate knitting on small needles, and the pattern called for size 4.  So instead, I’m knitting this one on size 6 needles and am using fingering weight.  And I love it!

The pattern called for using the same color on either side of the MC alternating side blocks, but I decided to use three contrasting colors, so there are different colors on either side of the blocks.  It was really difficult to get a photo of what I’m doing, but you can kind of see it above.  One side is grey, black, and purple, and so far the other side is purple and grey.  More photos to come!

Anybody working on anything for the Ravellenic games?

myalterknits answered: Double knitting,its easy colourwork.Also Hansi Singh’s book Amigurumi Knits is a great challenge with adorable plushes she’s also on Ravelry

I want to learn double knitting!  I’ve heard it’s difficult at first just getting used to it, but is actually pretty easy once you know how to do it.  (But isn’t that really the case with everything? haha)  I’ve done sort-of-amigirumi before – I’ve done crocheted plushes, but they were larger in scale.

mashellebelle answered: Anything by Erica Lueder is a fun knit, and I just finished the blanket Late August by Silvia Bo Bilvia – gorgeous lacework 🙂

Ooh, thanks for the suggestion!  I’ll have to check her out.  And I’ve seen stuff by Sylvia.  Never knit any, but they’ve been in my Ravelry queue for a while.

onethingiscertain answered: Making a picture with intarsia. Hard as shit to pull off… I can do it but I have trouble not getting gaps in between large blocks of color

I’ve done intarsia, but never to make any kind of picture – usually just stripes.  My biggest thing with intarsia is that there are SO MANY STRANDS when you do more than two colors.

scitchet answered: Double knitting and stranded knitting are both awesome and deeply gratifying if you love colors.

Two votes for double knitting!  I’ve got a couple stranded knitting projects in the works, so I’ll be sure to report back about how they went.  🙂