I’m Maggie, a girl in her twenties living a delightfully chaotic life on a journey toward the perfect ball of yarn. I grew up in New Jersey & received my undergraduate degree in history & literature from American University in Washington, DC.
Now, I’m a library assistant by day & a knitter by night. What began as an offhand comment about wanting to learn how to knit plus a starter kit from my mom that Christmas has now turned into a nearly full-time free-time hobby. Here you’ll find out all about my experiences with yarn. I look forward to having you tag along!
But in case you’d like to know more about me as a person, here are a handful of bullet points:

  • I drink way too much coffee – always iced, even in the dead of winter. It’s not because I need the caffeine to keep me happy, but because I genuinely love coffee.  People will tell you that such people don’t exist, but they are so very, very wrong.
  • Fall is my favorite season, because I love being chilly without being cold, and it means that I can finally wear tights with all of my dresses.
  • I live just outside of New York City, arguably one of the best cities in the world.  A close second for me is Washington, DC, since living there for four years pretty much changed my life.
  • I can never decide on a favorite color, but the one that’s always held fast high up in the ranks is dark purple.
  • I have mini obsessions with owls, Boston Terriers, Disney World, and coconut-flavored things. We all have our vices.
  • I literally cannot stand olives.

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